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admin - 20000 lbs of Fish + 70000 Vegetables per 1/4 Acre … Portable Farms Aquaponics (n/3/2012)

1000% more productive than conventional gardening & farming. the most robust, most scalable Aquaponics system in the world is the Portable Farms™ Aquaponics system. Maxed out, you can produce 240000 vegetables and 92000 pounds of fish per acre, using up to 95% less water and no dirt. These are locally grown, organic, vine ripened vegetables [...]

admin - Which one is the best organic fertilizer for gardening? (n/30/2012)

The People who started newly to organic gardening generally think that organic gardening fertilizer is only another kind of fertilizer in the bag. if you’re a real organic gardener this is not the case. To figure out what is the best for you we will look at two ways of getting the proper nutrition for [...]

admin - New nature-based school opening in Lincoln this fall (n/29/2012)

Robert Frost once wrote a poem “begins in delight and ends in wisdom.” according to Lead Teacher Kate Harney, this is the goal for Birches School — to engage children in the delights of exploring and learning about the world so they can embark on the path to wisdom. The school is coming to 14 [...]

admin - Organic Veggie Garden & Herb Garden (n/29/2012)

Starting an organic veggie and herb garden is quite an undertaking, but can be one of the most rewarding ways to go green that there is. Organic simply means naturally grown without the use of pesticides or other chemicals. Organically grown vegetables and herbs are healthier and tastier than those with chemicals on them, and [...]

admin - Midtown man finds tomato-growing perfect outlet for his green thumb (n/29/2012)

Jeff Green, 49, has lived in the same shotgun house in Midtown since 1989. he started a garden right away when he moved there, trying out different crops, such as peppers, cucumbers, snap beans and tomatoes. after one bite of a tomato that first year, he says, “It tasted so awesome. I found out right [...]

admin - Organic Gardening Club shares ideas, solutions & seeds (n/28/2012)

Font Size: If you want to know more about organic gardening, or have had trouble growing, one Grand Junction organization will offer help. Today members of the Organic Gardening Club met to discuss ideas and share tips for organic gardening specific to the valley. “We just chat about organic gardening and growing food without chemicals [...]

admin - Dying ligustrums, girdling and growing flavorful tomatoes (n/27/2012)

The plants had the typical brown spots surrounded by a yellow halo — Cercospora leaf spot — but the disease was not the culprit. Cercospora tends to be more common in older shrubs, and usually cause premature leaf drop. Proper management of this disease includes application of adequate fertilizer and water. The use of micro-irrigation [...]

admin - Ten Reasons to Start a Vegetable Garden (n/27/2012)

I really love growing my own vegetables although I definitely am on the lookout for a pep talk this spring. my usual enthusiasm has been replaced with feelings of being completely overwhelmed. my work day (a law office and a commute to boot) gets longer and longer and last year my poor garden really suffered. [...]

admin - Organic Vegetable Garden Basics ~ EcoDiabetic (n/27/2012)

it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to plant vegetables. But if you want to do this the old fashioned way which has been proven to be very effective, you should know the organic vegetable gardening basics. The first thing you have to know is what is organic vegetable gardening? it is simply a way of [...]

admin - The Nano Garden Lets You Grow Veggies Right in Your Kitchen (n/26/2012)

whether we're scouring the web for funky flower pots or turning old floppy disks into whimsical homes for herbs and succulents, we love all forms of creative gardening. Cities far and wide have started embracing rooftop gardens for bringing fresh local veggies in the spring, summer and fall to city folks. fire escapes have become [...]

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